Online workshops

Online workshops:

  • For couples getting married: you can participate individually or together (price remains the same).

  • One-on-one session: for better and more personal guidance with a focus on your loyalty.

  • With every online workshop you will receive a workbook and tools per subject.

  • In consultation with the couple, a date and time is chosen for the workshop.

Cost : €19.99.

Which online workshops can you book and what is included in each online workshop?

  • Finding the ideal location:

    • Looking for locations that suit you

    • View catering formulas and options that suit you

    • Theme & style of the venue

    • Checklist to bring to the location(s)

    • Preparing for a site visit

    • Compose email to send to the locations

  • Compile guest list:

    • Compose a daily schedule

    • Divide guests per day schedule

    • Budget (limited)

    • Compile guest list

    • Save the date

    • Children at the wedding

  • Determine budget:

    • Determine budget

    • Unforeseen expenses

    • What is priority and what is non-priority?

    • List of possible services/products or others that may apply to you.

  • Compile script:

    • Compose script Draai

    • Emergency bag review

    • Compliance playbook

  • To determine theme, style and colors:

    • Determine theme & style

    • List of possible themes and styles

  • Select date and period:

    • Determine date

    • When do you record your suppliers

    • Compose an invitation

  • Entertainment:

    • The choice of music for the (evening) party, but also for the opening dance

    • Fun ideas for your wedding

    • Children at a wedding, how do you entertain them?

  • Write vow:

    • Writing the perfect vow step by step per

    • Structure of ceremony service (layout, etc.)

    • Music during ceremony service

    • Ceremony speaker and/or family/friends

Book here your online workshop of your choice.

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De ideale locatie vinden

We hebben veel extra informatie gegeven. Ze legt alles heel duidelijk uit en geeft op het einde ook enkele mogelijkheden van locaties. De werkboek en de workshop hebben ons goed omweg geholpen.

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