Working method of Wondrous Weddings & Events

Step 1: Request

Upon receipt of a new request, we will send you a quote as well as an email with the method and information about the requested formula(s).

You will also receive a link on which you can schedule an introductory meeting.


Step 2: Introductory meeting

If the quotation meets your wishes and requirements or if you would like more information, we will hold an online introductory meeting.

Step 3: Approval of quotation & payment of first advance

Is everything satisfactory, is there a match and would you like to work with us? Then you can approve the quotation. This is also the contract of the collaboration. To officially confirm us, I will send you a first advance invoice that must be paid within 15 days.

Has this been paid? Then you have a wedding or event planner!


Step 4: Contact sessions, site visit, invoices & event

You will receive a schedule where all contact sessions as well as the site visit will continue. This also applies to invoices.

Everything will be put into operation to fully live up to the party and make it a fantastic party.

Interested in more? Request an introductory meeting.