Photographer: Annelies Boeykens

Destination Weddings

Is it your big dream to get married abroad? To do! I am already a big fan of this. Do you dream of a wedding under the Italian sun or rather a winter wedding in Iceland? We are happy to help you with all these options.

Destination Weddings

From 4500.00 euros

Your dream wedding abroad? Why not! I am happy to help you with the complete planning, elaboration, travel plans, etc. for a dream wedding.

  • Initial interview

  • Site visits

  • Searching for the ideal location (optional)

  • follow-up sessions

  • Guidance for the party

  • Coordination during the party  

  • Elaboration of the script  

  • Budget management

  • Styling of the location + construction

  • Closely following the styling budget

  • Central point of contact for suppliers and external partners during logistics set-up and breakdown

  • Precedence over  Wondrous Rentals

  • Search for all suppliers

  • Developing a travel plan

  • Find accommodation & relocation

  • Designing a moodboard 

  • Selecting decoration & materials that suit your style, mood board and the location

  • Finishing the styling (day after the wedding)

  • Discounts from rental companies and graphic designers for decoration and materials

  • Permanent florist who can also work with

  • Central point of contact for suppliers, external partners and guests during the wedding 

  • Complete planning from A to Z

  • Coordination and follow-up of permits and any insurance (optional)


Not sure what suits you?

No problem! We can always discuss this during an introductory meeting. Schedule something in our agenda below.