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We often get different questions about different things. Hence this FAQ. Is the answer to your question not listed here? Do not hesitate to send us a message!

What is the difference between a master of ceremonies and a wedding planner?

A wedding planner arranges your wedding from A to Z. A master of ceremonies only coordinates your wedding on the day itself. So you are responsible for the planning yourself, but on the day of the wedding you can enjoy your fidelity without any worries because the master of ceremonies ensures that everything runs smoothly.

The difference is that the master of ceremonies will not arrange and do everything while the wedding planner does.

More information about the content of the different packages can be found on the following link .

In which regions are you active?

We are active in Belgium and the Netherlands. But suppose you come from France and would like to take us as a wedding planner, we will certainly not say no to this.

We travel all over the world for destination weddings.

I prefer to plan everything myself, do I need a wedding planner?

If you prefer to plan your wedding yourself, a wedding planner who arranges everything from A to Z is a superfluous luxury for you. What may be interesting for you is a master of ceremonies who guides the day of your allegiance so that you can enjoy your faithfulness without any worries.

Suppose you are a real planner, but do not have the time, then it is wise to consider a wedding planner.

We offer various packages and also tailor-made packages. Feel free to take a look at the following link .

Are your introductory meetings free?

Yes! Our introductory meetings are always free of charge for anyone who would like to get to know us, but would also like some more information about our working method, the offer and how we can help/serve you for your wedding or event.

Book an introductory meeting via this link.

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