Working method of Wondrous Weddings & Events

Welcome to the webshop of Wondrous Weddings & Events.

Wondrous Weddings & Events organizes online workshops to support you during your wedding. Each workshop is about a different topic. They are always one-on-one sessions, so I can assist and guide you better. 

Have you always wanted to check with a professional whether you are doing the right thing? Or could you use some tips and advice? Or are you not sure what to expect?

Then this advice session is ideal for you! During this 45-minute advice session you can ask us all kinds of questions, we will see how far you are with the planning, what still needs to be done and I will give you all kinds of tips & tricks.

To prepare us for this advice session, you fill in a few questions in advance so that we can help you perfectly during the session.

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